7 Waist Training Tips

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Waist Training Tips

Here are my 7 waist training steps to get your started on your waist training journey. It's a fun journey, so you'll want to be sure you get the right waist training corset for you. What is a good starter waist training corset? This Corset Here is a great starter waist trainer, it's a great shape and length for both tall and short women and is popular with men who want to feel the tightness of a corset around their torso.

Your 7 Waist Training Tips Here:

  1. Ensure you get the right size corset for you, buying a smaller size won't get you results any faster, it will however feel uncomfortable. Corset Measuring Tips Here
  2. Find a waist trainer that fits your body shape. For example, you're curvy and have curvy hips, THIS waist training is great for curvy hips.
  3. Don't start wearing your corset for hours at a time until your corset is seasoned (worn in) and your corset has moulded to your shape. 
  4. You must be patient and follow the process. Start with wearing it 1-2hours a day for the first week, then start increasing it over time. Take your time, don't rush this.
  5. It's ok to take a break, in fact I recommend it. Even the most seasoned waist trainers take a break. Sometimes (once you're well into the process) you'll have no problem wearing your corset for 7 hours, then other days you won't want to wear it for more than a couple hours. Give yourself  break.
  6. Waist training isn't a magic diet, you need to pair it with a healthy lifestyle and drink plenty of water. Exercising (especially core strengthening exercises) will help with progress.
  7. And finally - do NOT waist train whilst sleeping. You need to be comfortable to get a good nights sleep and breathe perfectly naturally.


I hope these waist training tips have helped. I'll be back soon with more corset tips. I haven't written in a while with how I am doing with my self care, so I may have to write another post on that soon. Have a wonderful day.

- Sonya 

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