Anyone Can Wear a Corset

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Anyone Can Wear a Corset

When i was growing up, i never imagined i'd be this open minded or own a corset business. Let alone help style cross dressers and have transgender friends. I didn't even know what transgender meant till i was maybe 20! I was brought up as a catholic and it was what the church said and that's that. Oh how i have changed!

I am very big on equality and that people can do or be who the hell they want to be, as long as they are not breaking any laws or hurting anyone. 

The Alternative Lifestyle

Alternative just means different from the 'norm' (whatever normal is) I have worked with men who are closet crossdressers, men who are open crossdressers and transgender women.

I have helped with styling these amazing men and women, i have made great friendships along the way too. Are they different? Maybe to some, but in their world they aren't and to me they are no different either.

Because of the diverse people i have worked with, i strongly believe anyone can wear a corset, because.... why not?! Sure, men aren't traditionally shaped to wear a corset, but we make it work.

If i can help Anyone feel better about themselves, then you can bet i will bend over backwards to make it happen. If you think you can't wear a corset because of your size, gender or shape, then think again. I can help you achieve it.

Join My Facebook Group and join an amazing community or corset wearers who are all shaped differently, different shapes and both men and women.

~ Sonya 


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