Benefits of Corsets

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Benefits of Wearing a Corset

There are many benefits gained from wearing a steel boned corset, the physical and emotional reasons are just 2 that spring to mind. Corsets have a magical power that help boost ones confidence, male and female. Because wearing corsets are for any gender.

Today I am going to talk about the physical benefits of wearing a corset, next time we'll discuss the emotions impact of wearing a corset.

Physical benefits of wearing a corset

  • Corsets can help correct bad posture and also help relieve back pain. This main might be from on going healthy problems, slipped discs, being overweight or simply wear and tear issues that come with age (it comes to us all at some point) and you're never too old to wear a corset.
  • Corsets can alleviate or prevent pain from illnesses like lupus and fibromyalgia. Simply awful diseases (I know a few people that have it and the pain is real!!!) 
  • Overbust corsets can of course support large breasts. Yes, even those of us with larger than normal breasts can get support from my Corsets.
  • Steel boned corsets change your shape, cinching in your waist and enhancing your bust. They're rather clever like that :)
  • Corsets have been known to improve weightless too. When wearing a waist training corset for many hours a day, it helps with controlling how much you eat. When wearing a corset tightly, you can't fit as much food in your tummy, which means by eating less, you are in effect controlling your calories more and therefore losing weight (i might have to try this)

It goes without saying that this blog is simply pointing out some of the benefits of wearing a corset. I am however not a doctor, so please seek advice from your doctor if wanting to wear a corset to help alleviate pain and so forth.

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