Buying a Second Hand Corset?

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Buying an already used corset

Some people might say it's gross to buy a second hand corset, but let's face it, real steel boned corsets are expensive and sometimes it's the only way someone could afford to own a steel boned corset of their own. It's a better option than buying a piece of tat off eBay!! Plus if a corset has only been worn once and it's your size - why not grab a bargain eh!

As long as the corset is relatively clean or not used during unhygienic activities. Many people only wear their corset with a shirt or liner underneath, so technically the corset has never touched the skin on their torso, and the corset may not be any more “dirty” than a blazer.

Here's how to tell if a corset is 'too used'

There are differences between a corset that has only been used a handful of times and new corsets, the way that there are differences between used and new shoes. Look for the following in a NEW corset:

  • Crispier feel to the fabric, due to the sizing and starch used in the fabric 
  • Stitches are all even and still in place
  • Steel bones are all straight, not twisted or bent out of shape (if they're bent, they've moulded to the previous owners shape) you don't want a corset like this
  • No wrinkling around the fabric
  • No shifted grommets in the back

Used corsets might still show some traits of the above, depending on the construction and quality, and exactly how much it was worn by the previous owner. You'll also know immediately if the corset has been worn for years by the condition you of the material.

These are just a few corset tips if you decide to go down the second hand corset road. If you're ready to invest in a brand new just for you corset, then pop along here and order your very own steel boned corset 


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