Cheap Corsets Vs Steel Boned Corsets

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Cheap Corsets Vs Steel Boned Corsets

There are cheap corsets (that aren't really corsets) and then there are real steel boned corsets. You see, the cheap corsets you'll find on eBay or Amazon are generally made with acrylic bones and cheap materials. I personally call them a bustier, not a corset.

You see, an acrylic bustier won't give you any shape and if you're plus sized, these bones will just bend, the material may even rip. This is me just being real, being honest.

Real Corsets 

Real corset are an investment, they will literally last you years. Like a good pair of shoes or a well made handbag. They'll be around for years because they're made from strong and good quality materials. Just like my corsets.

real steel boned corsets

You'll know if you have ever tried an eBay corset and then tries one of mine, there is no comparison. I have had fans on my Facebook Page that have followed me for years before buying and then they message gushing at how much they love their corset and wished they hadn't waited so long.

Like I said, a real steel boned corset is an investment. Before you know it you'll have several in your wardrobe.

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