Christmas Corsets

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Christmas Corsets

Christmas Corsets - you might miss the cut off date. I have set the Christmas cut off order date to 16th November - Why? There are 2 reasons really.

  1. All my corsets are handmade, they take time to be made. These corset are shown a lot of love and the embellishments are all hand stitched on. These are not whipped together on a machine, these are corsets of love.
  2. The USA can be a real pain in the arse at customs (if you're in the USA i'm sure you know this) so i wanted to give it plenty of time for the corsets to clear customs. By law, they can be lazy and hold things for 10-14 days, so i want to get them sent out nice and early.

Which corset is your favourite?

Just this morning i added these 4 new corsets to the website, 3 of them are guaranteed to be perfect for Christmas with that red and green. Maybe not the bridal one, but who knows. green gored corset

Which of these corsets is your favourite? I think i would have to go with the Burgundy one, but the second is the green gored hip corset. It might have been my first if it wasn't for the gored hip style. I just don't have the hips for it. This green corset can be found HERE. It is perfect for ladies with larger hips or who are pear shaped.

Enjoy browsing the website and looking at all the amazing corsets and if you think they're awesome, don't forget to share on on Facebook. 

Thanks in advance - Sonya :)

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