Christmas Corsets

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Christmas and Corsets

What a perfect time to own a new corset - Christmas. The time of year when everything sparkles and it feel like a little bit of magic is swirling around. I personally am in my happy place in December. I love the lights, going for walks and seeing everyones Christmas trees up, and houses decorated.

It's also the party season. Where a Christmas corset is most certainly going to come in handy. Something decadent and out of this world.

Couture Corsets That Are Perfect For Christmas 

Now you should know by now that my corsets are all steel boned, so you know right there the quality inside the corset is amazing. I also Only use high quality fabrics when making corsets, because you get what you pay for.

Let's go a step upwards and look at the beautiful couture corset collection and this red couture corset that also comes in black, are what I call perfection for Christmas and New Years Parties. I'm going to make it easy for you and put a few links to corsets below so that it's easier to find them.

There is also the added the bonus that you can split the payments in 2 at the moment. It's really easy. Select the corset you'd like for Christmas, select your size (learn how to measure for a corset here) add it to your cart and at checkout you will see the lay buy option. Put a deposit down and then select ONE month. The payment will be taken after 30 days.

Choose Your Favourite Couture Corset

I've gone through the website and here are a list of couture corsets I think you'll love, most also available in plus sizes.

Black Couture Corset Here

Red Couture Corset Here

Black Sequinned Couture Corset

Green Couture Corset

Burgundy Couture Corset

Black Gem Couture Corset Here

Have fun shopping at The Corset Lady and enjoy a splash of delight in your life.

red couture corsets


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