Corset Care 101

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corset care

Corset Care

Corset care 101 - let's talk about how to look after your corset so that you get years and years of wear out of your steel boned corset. It's easy to look after your corset in just a few simple steps:

  • Never ever put your corset in a washing machine - the steel bones could rust eventually, not to mention you will disfigure the corset.
  • Dab your corset if you have a mark on it, don't rub it, you don't want to damage the fabric. A little dab with luke warm water.
  • Have your corset dry cleaned with you feel it's dirty, you shouldn't need to do this too often (although depends how often you wear your corset of course)
  • Let your deodorant dry before putting your corset on.

Looking after your corset is easy

I told you it was easy to look after your corset :) You will literally get years of wear from your corset if you follow these simple corset care steps.

On a personal note, I actually cannot believe we're almost a week into December!!! I have a lot of corset payment plan orders to ship tomorrow, I will literally be knew deep in corsets - there are worse problems to have though right?

Have a wonderful day/evening.

~ Sonya 

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