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Choosing the right corset fabric

Lots of corsets to choose from on the website and sometimes it can feel overwhelming right? Let me talk a little about the top fabrics on the website. The most popular ones are firstly cotton, then we have brocade, jacquard and satin.

Cotton Corsets

A cotton corset is what we might call a plainer corset, which is absolutely fine! Starting off with a breathable cotton steel boned corset is a great choice. All my corsets are cotton lined, so that your skin can breathe whilst wearing your corset. Cotton is also an easier fabric to clean. Dab it with a warm cloth to clean small marks.

Brocade and Jacquard Corsets

Both very beautiful fabrics, that look exquisite on and often come with embellishments. Also lined in cotton to ensure your skin can breathe. Both can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but you must be careful with the fabric here, you don't want to ruin it. Go for a jacquard or brocade corset to create a more 'wow factor' look.


Satin Corsets

Then there are the satin corsets, often mistaken for silk corsets, but they are just as stunning as a silk corset. Silk rips easily, it's a very delicate fabric, so we tend to stay away from this fabric. Remember, The Corset Lady only sells steel boned corsets, which means we can really pull at the strings at the back to create that stunning figure you're after. So it's important we use strong fabrics. Satin isn't quite as easy to clean either. You can get small marks off with a damp cloth, but we feel a satin corset needs more dry cleaning than a cotton, jacquard or brocade corset.

I hope this has helped you decide which corset you'd like to go for!

Have a wonderful day.

~ Sonya 

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