Corset Lengths - Which One To Choose?

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Corset Lengths

Corset lengths are just as important as buying the right length jeans for you or the right size shoe. There are shorter length corsets for shorter ladies/men and then the average length which are the most popular and then of course the longer length corsets for those who are 5'7"/8" or taller. These of course are perfect for most male corset wearers.

The fit of your corset will determined how you look AND feel in your corset. Wear one the wrong size/length and sitting down might prove difficult and you won't move around in your corset naturally. I'm guessing you want to feel comfortable wearing your corset too right?

So Which Corset Length Should I Go For?

I hear regularly that many women think a longer corset would suit them better because of their larger bust and/or belly. This however is untrue. Whether you wear a longer lined corset really comes down to your torso length, not just your height.

In the description of all my corsets, you'll find there are several measurements available for you to look at. These will help you determine which corset length is best for you. They're all in inches, so easy to measure.

As a rule of thumb, if you are 5ft 7” and above, a longline pattern will be better suited to your height. This of course means that if you are under 5ft 7”, you’d be better suited to a regular corset. But it is always better to measure up, incase you don't really have a long torso, just long legs. If you're unsure of your corset size, you can read here on How To Measure For a Corset

I keep my corset blog posts simple and informative, to make it easier for you to measure and scan read. I don't know about you, but reading pages and pages about corset lengths would bore the crap out of me. So I do hope this blog post has helped if you've been unsure which corset length is best for you. You can browse the full corset collections here 

~ Sonya

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