Corsets at Whitby

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Selling Corsets at Whitby

The weekend was an exciting time in my corset business! Last Thursday I decided I truly wanted this corset business to grow again, that it wasn't going to become a side hustle, it was going to be my main money earner again. I knew I had to spice things up, so decided to see if I could get a stall at Novembers Whitby Goth, despite them having screwed me over a bit 17 months ago. But that's another story....

Turns out, they lost their contract at The Pavillon at Whitby and a new company Tomorrow's Ghosts now have the contract and could fit me in for next months trade! It took me 20 minutes to decide that YES I could get my shit together in less than a month and be ready.

So I booked a stall, I'll be the only corset seller there and I am VERY excited. A Huge corset order has gone in for the event. I've chosen 5 styles to take with me.

I know I have plastered this information all over my facebook, but wanted to share it here too :)

gothic corset jacket

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