Corsets - NEW - LOW Fabric

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Corsets - NEW - LOW Fabric

If you're in my Facebook Group you'll know I have been showing some very epic new corsets lately. Some of them are old styles from 'back in the day' that i have sourced some fabric for.

Naturally these are all steel boned corsets and corset dresses, some available in plus sizes, some are not. ALL are simple fabulous.

Some of the styles are a little different, some with a steampunk twist, some with a deliciously naughty gothic twist. Some are simple pretty. steampunk corset

The grey corset dress is so beautiful, regular customers were messaging me to order it before it even went on the website! You can see for yourself just how beautiful these new corsets are.

To Measure For One of My Corsets

Measure in inches where your waist dips in at the side and NO breathing in. That will give you your natural waist size. You order the corset size 4-5" SMALLER than that. Trust me on this 😉 

However, some of the new corsets come in S, M, L, XL etc (but don't worry, they are ALL still steel boned) You still measure the same, but in the drop down box, it will guide you which size to order depending on your natural waist measurement.

It's kinda important to get this right, because these corsets are all made to order and they're not cheap.

Shop Here for all the new corset styles. If you absolutely fall in love with one buy it. I can't guarantee how long i'll have the fabric for.


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