Corsets Now and Then

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Corsets 21st Century and Corset History

Corsets have been around for many years, not just 100's of years, but literally centuries. Many years ago corsets were used to create as much of an hourglass figure as possible, worn under clothing. They weren't attractive corsets, as they were made for one purpose only, to create shape and a smaller waist line.

Corset History

Did you know that corset wearing started in France? Indeed. Wealthy women started wearing them to appear slimmer. This was way back in the 15th century. Corsets have been around for THAT long, amazing isn't it. Apparently in the 16th century, a 'thick' waist was even banned! That's pretty nuts, imagine the outrage that would cause now? Corsets continued to be worn through 17th, 18th and 19th century as undergarments to create a slimmer waist and figure. The corset below is a great example of what was worn in the 15th century.


Corsets in the 21st Century

Corsets now are mostly worn as outerwear, rather than worn under clothing. Women and men want to show off wearing a corset now, they want to feel sexy and look incredible. Remember we are talking about steel boned corsets here, not the cheap plastic boned corsets and cheap fabrics that such corsets are made form. They very rarely look good. When you go out, you want to look sensational, which still focusing on pulling your waist in.

These days women (and men) are wearing a variety of underbust corsets, overbust corsets, corset dresses and different genres too. From steampunk corsets to gothic corsets.

Some steel boned corsets are also designed to look like regular tops, so you might love this one pictured above - this corset can be found here. You'll find my corsets are also available in plus sizes, up to a natural waist 53". Some people who lack a little confidence find this corset top style a good option. This is a good corset for men too, as you can 'fill the overbust' part.

It's fun wearing corsets. Do you wear them often? Maybe you've never worn one, but want to start? If you're brand new to corsets, you might want to start with an underbust corset. They're a great way to get your body used to wearing a steel boned corset. They take a little getting used to. But once your corset is seasoned in (worn in) you'll find them pretty comfortable.

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