Creating a Feminine Figure with Corsets

Posted by Sonya Kolodziejska on

Feminine Figures and Corsets

There is a common misconception that corsets are for women and not made for women. Whilst it's correct that corsets are made with a woman's shape in mind, it absolutely does not mean that those born into a male body cannot wear them. The truth of the matter also, is it is now socially acceptable to talk about these subjects and it is no longer a taboo. It rather annoys me when people are so incredibly narrow minded.

Loving yourself absolutely starts with running with your feminine power and owning it!

Whether you’re a cis female or you’re transitioning to womanhood, creating a feminine figure that makes you feel beautiful and confident is really important to me when I help you find the perfect corset. With so many unrealistic beauty ideals forced on women, it can be difficult to fit your unique body into the narrow box of of what people to perceive as being 'normal' It's very frustrating.

But I am proud to say I have helped many transitioning women feel feminine and confident wearing one of my corsets. It's a big step for you and I am here to help you should you need it. You new corsets should make you feel confident and feminine. Something many women out there, transgender or not, are craving constantly.

I am here to help you. Find me on my Corset Facebook Page.

~ Sonya @TheCorsetLady

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