Cross Dressers Wearing Corsets

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Cross Dressers Wearing Corsets

You read it right, i help cross dressers wear corsets too. Why shouldn't cross dressers get the pleasure of wearing a proper steel boned corset? Why should they feel they can't or maybe feel embarrassed?

With me i take everything at face value and support just about anyone and anything. As long as nobody is physically or emotionally hurting anyone, i believe we have the right to be who we want to be.

Men wearing corsets

So if a cross dresser wants to wear a corset, then he absolutely should! I have a client whom i help style with outfits, corsets, shoes and more. It's fun, he loves it and he loves the anticipation of what look I am going to create for him. Here is pictured below showing off his new curves.

Yes it's true, men don't have the bust to fill an overbust corset (neither do some women to be fair) but we make it work with what we've got right? cross dressers wearing corsets

I have cross dressers who wear corsets and 'stuff' the bust bit to make it appear that they have a bust. Some simply tighten it all the way (as above) so that it lays flat and some go for an underbust corset.

If you'd like to contact me for help

If you're a cross dresser and would like help with wearing a proper steel boned corset to give you curves, then contact me through the messenger button on the website (it's bottom left) at 

Here's a little tip for my crossdressers who want to wear a corset: Waist trainers are a great corset for you, because they give the Best support. You'll be able to pull them in really hard and feel amazing. See my waist training corsets HERE.

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