Cross-Dressing and Corsets

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Corsets and Cross-Dressers

Cross dressing men like to wear corsets - fact. Is that something to be ashamed of? Absolutely NOT! We live in a fabulous world where everyone is allowed to be who they want to be, so I believe that no matter your size or gender, you should be allowed to wear what you want.

Cross-dressing Corsets

I'm not sure I have a specific design to recommend, although This Corset is a great starter corset for men who are new to corset wearing. It's a good shape to start with.

Corsets for Men. If you are looking for that special something that helps to develop your figure into a more feminine shape then a corset is the answer. You can browse the whole range at The Corset Lady Here

You don't have to be a certain shaped man to wear a corset either. Obviously an overbust corset will require a bust, how you achieve that bust is up to you :) Or you just stick with the underbust corsets that give you a new shapely waist and the restrictive feeling you get from a real steel boned corset, which seems to turn many people on.



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