Empowering Women

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Empowering Women

When I first started this business, my first thought was money of course. As the months went on though, I realised a lot of women were responding to my positive posts and many were saying things like 'I needed to hear that' 'this came at just right the time' and I realised I was helping women worldwide without even realising.

During the years I have owned this business, I have not only empowered women, they have empowered me also! I have been able to be completely open and  transparent with my audience and I tolerate no bullshit on my social media. No bullying, no negativity against others, no men coming on and bashing women.

Don't Fuck With Me 

I'm in 'don't fuck with me' mode today. I had even considered writing 'f*ck' instead of the actual word, but figured we're all grown ups here!

I have been mistreated by men this week from a guy I was dating, to the childrens father who gave me so much bullshit yesterday I completely lost my shit with him.

I am hugely about EMPOWERMENT today (even more so than usual) and wanted to remind you all I am here for you!! My page, group is a safe place for women to express themselves and be themselves. From crossdressers, to transgender woman too. I AM HERE!

I will always have your back, you will never have to worry about that. Treat me right and I will do the same back.

OK - I am waffling here. I'll let you get on with your day. But Know I am Here.

~ Sonya

don't fuck with me

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