Fetish Corsets

Posted by Sonya Kolodziejska on

Fetish Corsets

Fetish corsets and fetish wear, something different, something a little naughty even. I foresee lots of fun being had with these 2 new pieces. There is something about PVC that is all kinds of wrong in the sexiest possible way. Maybe that's just me though...

To be kinky or not?

Do you think everyone has a bit of kink in them? I think maybe they do, on some small level and some on a rather fun and exciting level.

Now I do want to make it clear these are not fully steel boned corsets. However, they are made from exceptional fabrics and can still be laced tightly.

How will you style these? Go ahead, have some fun. The belt below (fetish can be found here) can be worn over anything. A black dress maybe? A vest or a shirt. You decide.

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