Gored Hipped Corsets

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Gored Hipped Corsets

Gored hipped corsets are a style of corset that is Perfect for women with curves and those with curvy hips. Women with bigger hips often find that a regular style corset digs into their hips. Whereas a gored hipped corset style will sit beautifully OVER their hips.

Plus Size Corsets 

Not all women with curvy hips will be plus size, so we decided these corsets need to be made for all shapes and sizes. Many of our corsets go from a natural waist of 24" through to those with a natural waist of 53".

The Corset Lady (formerly The Burgandy Boudoir) believes that women of all shapes, sizes and heights should be able to wear an authentic corset and feel incredible in it.

We have long underbust corsets and long overbust corsets for taller men/women. We equally have corset belts that are perfect for both tall and short women. These look amazing worn over a shirt or dress. They really define your waist line.

Shop The Entire Store Here to see which corset would best emphasis your shape.

Don't forget to always order the corset size that is 4-5" SMALLER than your natural waist. Natural waist means NO breathing when you measure. It's easy, measure in inches where your waist dips in at the side and no breathing in. Happy browsing.

~ Sonya 

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