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Your Halloween Costume Sorted

Many people think that Halloween is just for kids, but adults can have lots of fun too! Adults can have a great time dressing up for Halloween parties or even to get into the holiday spirit while handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters.

Getting the perfect Halloween Costume

But, getting the perfect costume is not always easy. Going into a costume store and trying to read the size from the package is not always accurate. Some costumes are sized larger -- not often -- and  most are sized smaller.  After you purchase a costume from the store, many have a no return policy, so you are now out a costume and out some money. The once fun idea of getting dressed up can end up seeming like a bad idea.

Corsets are a great alternative to a traditional costume or a focal point to other pieces! The great part about corsets is that they are sized based upon your measurements. This definitely helps to get you a better fit. If you really want the perfect size, you can even get your corset made to your specific measurements!

Halloween Costumes

Most Halloween costumes are made from cheap, flimsy material that you will be lucky if you can wear more than once. The costumes can tear, fall apart or are otherwise get damaged rather easily. Now you have spent a pretty penny on something that is going in the trash. Corsets are made with steel-bones from high quality materials. When you choose a corset as part of your costume, it will last you for years to come.  Your outfit will be sexy and not made of cheap plastic.  You can use your corset to make more than one costume by changing out some of your wardrobe and accessories.

Corsets and Costumes

The absolute best part about using a corset as part of your costume is that you won't want to wear your corset only once a year. Your corset will make you feel sexy all year long. Coordinate with a skirt, jeans, leggings or whatever you heart desires! 


There are lots of costumes that you can create using corsets. Here are some ideas:

Renaissance look: Queen, Princess, pirate wench, peasant, sexy sorceror

Disney: Choose the perfect colour corset to re-create the outfit of your favourite Disney Princess such as Ursula, Merida and Cinderella.

Hollywood, Comic and Storybook Favourites:  Harleyquin, Mad Hatress, Katniss (The Hunger Games), Resident Evil nurse, Xena, Daenerys Targaryen, Sailor Moon

Halloween Classics: Vampress, Ghost/Wight, Witch

The only thing between you and your perfect costume is your imagination! If you can't get a corset in time for the holiday, that's OK! Get your ideas and your corset now and wear it during the year. By the time next Halloween comes, your corset will be nicely seasoned and extremely comfortable for when you are having some dress-up fun!

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