Gothic Girls and Fashion

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Goth Girls and Their Fashions

Goth girls have stolen the show when it comes to being mysterious, dark, and sexy with their fashion sense. These girls are empowered by their style and trust me when I say that Goth girls all feel right at home at The Corset Lady. Not only is the gothic style corset one of the most popular styles in the store, it’s also a well-known fact that women of every shape look in good in a black number.

The statements made by gothic girls pour out from their music choices, to the clothes they adorn their body with every day.  It’s a way of life, right ladies? Its not all about wearing black and having a pale face. It’s about being strong, sexy, empowered, romantic, and dark.


Gothic History Lesson

Let’s get into a little bit of history. Surprisingly, gothic fashion hasn’t been around all that long.  It evolved in the 1980s after the punk culture started to see a decline. With the heavy historical influence, it’s actually surprising that it’s not been mainstream very long! Goth girls draw their inspiration from the punk, Victorian, and Renaissance eras by mixing pieces from all of these genres together to create a unique style all their own. And you know that The Corset Lady is all about being yourself!

There are several variations to Goth girl fashion including:


We see a lot of velvet and lace with the romantic Goth look.


If you’re more of a punk/Goth girl, you probably lean towards the spikes, collars, and belts.


The steampunk Goth style is futuristic and is usually paired with goggles, industrial touches, and a renaissance influence.

Colours of Goth Girl Fashion

I know you ladies are smart, and you know that the primary colour for gothic clothing is black, however, but you’ll find a few other colours make their way into the mix often like reds and purples. Goth girls typically go for the darker shades of these colors but everyone once and awhile you see a bright and vibrant variation.


Completing Your Gothic Look

The fashions of Goth girls go beyond corsets. You’ll also find: 

  • elaborate skirts
  • boots
  • chokers
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • bracelets
  • veils
  • fishnets
  • earrings
  • ribbons

But what’s even better, is that you can be completely creative. Make your Goth Girl ‘look’ your own! Gothic fashion is about empowerment and finding your own identity  - which I know you do daily. Let your clothing choices speak for you – about who you are and who you want to be. Goth girls are setting a trend (See Corsets Here) and it’s become quite a popular one. 

I hope you saw above how you can make this style all your own from romantic to harder punk variations and then individualising your look with your accessories. You can use us to get you started and then we’d love to see your creations! 

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