Halloween Corset Payment Plans

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Halloween Corset Payment Plans

Halloween corsets are sold all year round here at The Corset Lady. I have a big steampunk and goth following, these are 2 very popular categories all year round.

Halloween is just a few months away. If you have kids, you've probably already started thinking about Christmas! I know I have, I haven't bought anything, but I have the odd idea that's made it's way into my Amazon wish list.

Consider your Halloween corset now, this month. Here's the best part, you can pay for it over 2-3 months too. 2 months it the better option if you're in the USA, as customs are a real pain in the arse over there and can hold packages for 2 weeks! 

It's super easy. Select your favourite corset/corsets, add them to your cart (don't forget to measure before ordering) and when you get to checkout, select the lay buy option. Easy as that. You put a deposit down and then select to pay over 1 more month or 2.

Give it a go. It's hassle free, the money comes out of your account a month after you put the deposit down. The terms are clear and easy to read.


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