Halloween Corsets

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Gothic and Halloween Corsets

I know I know, I'm talking about halloween corsets in July, but here's the good part - you can order your halloween corset now and get it on a payment plan at checkout (just select the Lay Buy option). Just ensure your last payment is beginning to mid October (depending on which part of the world you're in) If you're in the UK, mid October is fine, but if you're outside of the UK - aim for beginning of October. I have a lot of customers in the USA and USA customs are a bit of a pain in the arse and drag their feet processing, so we have to allow for that.

All my gorgeous gothic corsets are steel boned corsets, see the Gothic Corset Collection Here. You'll feel sexy and fiery this Halloween. You won't be disappointed and they're all available in plus sizes too, up to a natural waist 53".


If you're unsure how to measure for a corset, see here. It's pretty easy, measure your natural waist (no breathing in) and ensure you order the corset size 4-5" smaller than that. Also ensure your bust is bigger than your natural waist by at least 4-5" in order to fill an overbust corset.

Ok, enough of me waffling, go shop the website and enjoy buying something new for yourself!

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