Hello July - What's New With You?

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Hello Summer

I am writing this blog post without any SEO in mind, without corsets in mind, without business in mind. I don't care if this blog post shows up on google or not.

I just wanted to update you on how things are going, what's new with me and checking in to see how you are.

- You might have noticed that corset auctions are back over on the Facebook Page which is fabulous and really exciting! Corsets at cheer prices and everyone wins, you just have to get in quick to get the lowest bid in!

- The kids break up for summer this month. I know if you're in the USA or Canada, your kids are already driving you mad ;)  The end of this school year is my children's last day at this school and we all can't wait. Nothing but problems there. I've never known a school with so many problems.

- My daughter got diagnosed a week ago with ADHD - a relief all round, now we can move forward and get her the help she needs.

- My brother gets married next month, I am still slimming a bit to feel confident in my dress, but what will be will be. It's going to be an amazing day.

- We move back to London next month! YAY!!!! We are all really excited about it.

- Next month we go to Poland to visit family, right after the move in fact. So I will really be able to put my feet up and enjoy it, as all the hard work would have already happened. I'm thinking wine and walks in the sunshine. Building fires with the children when we visit my aunts house by the lake and of course toasting marshmallows. 

So what's new with you? Feel free to leave a comment below. Tell us something exciting that's happening in your world.

~ Sonya

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