How Has Corona Virus Effected The Corset Lady

Posted by Sonya Kolodziejska on

Corona and Corsets

We all know what's been happening with the corona virus (you'd have to be living under a rock not to) and tonight the UK has been put on semi lock down.

I continue to run as I am an online business, but there will be a delay in getting fabrics and getting the corsets made - but rest assured that your corset WILL GET MADE. You'll just need to give me some extra time.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for supporting my small business. Hopefully I can stay afloat. 


Keep your mental health in check

It's VERY important to keep your mental health in check. Look after yourself during these trying times. Many of us are now homeschooling, NOT easy I know, I am hoping it doesn't send me insane.

Take time for yourself, take a bubble bath, do some gardening if you have a garden, paint some walls, clean behind the wardrobes, sort out some drawers, try cooking some new dishes, bake, workout, do yoga, listen to audiobooks - just Do You.

Stay safe ladies and gents.

Much Love ~ Sonya Xx

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