How NOT To Wear a Corset

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Ways not to wear a Corset

Did you ever see a corset on someone that just did not look attractive? Corsets are intended to flatter your body, not make you question if you should ever wear one! Just like all of your other clothes, corsets have rules so that they fit you the right way so that you do not end up a disaster. Avoid these mistakes so that you will always look and feel your best!


Mistake #1: Don't wear Acrylic or Plastic Corsets

Go with steel! Yes, acrylic is cheaper, but it shows. If you are large busted, acrylic or plastic bones are not going to keep your breasts in check. You will start spilling out of your corset and your breasts will start to sag. You will feel uncomfortable and spend most of the time looking down and pulling the corset up over your chest. Steel bones are able to support heavily endowed women with ease.

Mistake #2: Wrong Size Corset

If you buy a steel boned corset in the wrong size you are not going to feel confident. If you chest is bigger than your waist by 10" or more, a traditional off-the-rack corset is not going to fit you properly. The corset won't be able to hold your chest and your corset will look like you are stuffed in it.
That doesn't mean you can't wear a corset, however. That just means that you need one that is custom made to encompass your chest so that you will be supported and comfortable.

Mistake #3: Wrong Corset Shape

If you have the perfect steel corset and it does not compliment your body type you can look like a hot mess. Women with smaller chests may love the look of sweethearts or overbusts, but if their chests can't fill the top there is going to be gapping. Same as the larger breasted women, you can go with a custom corset or go with an underbust instead and look just as radiant.
Women who have larger hips may feel their corset sitting funny because the corset does not cover them. Go with a gored hip corset! This gives extra room for fuller hipped women so that the corset sits properly and comfortably.

If you have followed all of these rules, you can have a pleasant corset experience. Warning: Expect lots of compliments and positive attention!
One final note: When dressing in your proper steel boned corset ALWAYS put your shoes on first. If not, you won't be able to bend down because of all of the steel support. Make that mistake once and you will never do it again!


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