How to Style a Corset Belt

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Style a Corset Belt

Styling a corset belt can be fun. Corset belts are made (as least mine are) to fit all shapes and sizes and I have a few different ones to choose from Here. Corset belts are made shorter than a regular underbust corset, making them ore versatile to style.

If you pay any attention to pop culture or watch TV for that matter, you've seen a corset belt be styled somewhere, generally a Kardashian sister. They make styling a corset look easy. Honestly, it's not really that hard.

Four Corset Belt Styling Tips 

  1. Wear a corset belt over an oversized shirt, making it into a retro dress. A pair of knee high boots would totally finish off this look. Or maybe cowgirl boots? In fact, corset belts can be worn over any type of shirt.
  2. Wearing it over a tight dress. If you have a classic 'mummy tummy' like myself but the rest is passable, this will instantly get rid of the mummy tummy (unless you don't want to hide it of course) and it'll shape your waist too.
  3. How about wearing your corset belt over a midi dress or knitted dress? This looks fantastic and completely transforms the entire look. Wearing it over a knitted dress is one of my personal favourites.
  4. Who says you can't wear it over a t-shirt? You can wear it any way which you feel. That's the beauty of a corset belt, you get to experiment and have fun.

Corset belts were designed so that they don't sit on your hip, therefore whether you are tall or short, this style corset is perfect for you. You'll find I have a couple steampunk options and a goth inspired one. They're also available in plus sizes, up to a natural waist 53".

Corset Belt

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