I'm Too Fat For a Corset

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I'm Too Big For a Corset

Are you kidding me? Like.... really? I've been meaning to write this blog post for about 10 days, as I succumb to insomnia and get out of bed at 2am, with my brain wired, I felt this was a good time to write this blog post.

NOBODY is too big or too thin to wear a corset. You wear a corset and rock what you've got, because YOU want to. That's all you need to know. 

Curves and Corsets

I will tell you this though, curves and corsets are a perfect match, a bit like tea and biscuits, they just 'go'. That's not to say those without curves don't look great wearing corsets, it's just that this particular blog post is about curves and corsets. You all look amazing. Ok, back to curves...

Steel boned corsets only help emphasise your curves, enhance them and give them a whole new sexy meaning. So why not embrace them? Think ' cinched in waist' and 'enhanced uplifted bust' and you're on the right track. Not to mention the massive boost in confidence you'll get from wearing an authentic steel boned corset.

Never think you can't wear a corset whatever your size or gender. The beauty about me, The Corset Lady, is that I believe anyone can wear a corset and they should if they want to.


Enjoy wearing corsets because I promise you will look incredible wearing one.

Not sure how to measure for a corset? Here's how:

Measure in inches where your waist dips in at the side and no breathing in. That will be your natural waist measurement. Then order the corset size 4-5 inches smaller than that measurement. If you're looking for an overbust corset, ensure your bust in at least 4 inches Bigger than your natural waist measurement, so that you can fill the top part properly. Easy as that :)

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