Lacing Up Your Corset

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Lacing Up Your Corset

Lacing up your corset - fun right (said no-one ever!) I end up a hot mess after trying. I have no problem with an underbust corset, but an overbust corset? Forget it!

I think it's an art form to be able to lace up your corset when wearing an overbust corset. However, I did own a lovely silver corset dress that was oddly easy to lace up on my own. Being a single mum, it's important I can lace up my corsets on my own, so I tend to stick with underbust corsets.

Lacing up your Corset alone

The picture in this post is a great example of where your fingers need to be when lacing up your corset. This applies to both over and underbust corsets.

You start from top and bottom, slowly tightening each bit of string as you go along and then eventually meet in the middle. Your laces on your corset should also meet in the middle, as per the picture. This allows you maximum shape on your waist line, which is the aim of the game.

'It's not tight' enough you say

It's ok, sometimes you can't give it the final tug you need. Who can blame you, you're going everything blind after all! As long as you can get it on and keep it on, you can always ask a friend once you get out to give it that final tug. 

I have found your corset feels a little loser half way through the night, because it's stretched and moved a little in the hours you've been wearing it and you could afford to go even tighter. lacing up your corset

I have been known to pop into the ladies and ask someone to help me lace up tighter. I have also been known after a meal to ask for it to be loosened too! I don't wear a corset when I am out to eat now. I want to enjoy my food. When I am laced into a corset, I definitely can't fit as much food in. Great if you're dieting, but not so great when you're a foodie like me.

If you have any corset questions, pop on over to the Facebook Group Here or browse the corset ranges HERE.

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