Lose Inches Wearing a Corset

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Steel Boned Corsets

If you're not a regular corset wearer, you may not realise just how many inches you can lose wearing a steel boned corset. Several! I'll just make it clear, this is with steel boned corsets only, not the cheap corsets you'll find on eBay, you'll find they are plastic boned corsets, also known as acrylic boned corsets.

Why a Steel Boned Corset

Put simply, they're the best. A steel boned corset is generally made up of 12 steel boned rods/wires, all equally spread out throughout the corset. A well made steel boned corset will also be made from fine and good quality fabrics, have an inner cotton lining so that your skin can breathe and have plenty of lace up string at the back.

All of The Corset Lady's corsets are steel boned and about 90% of them are available up to a natural waist of 53". I like to cater to both men and women and to all shapes and sizes. 


How to measure for a corset

Measuring for a steel boned corset is something you will want to get right the first time. So please do take the time to read this if you're new to steel boned corsets.

Our steel boned corsets go by waist measurement first and foremost, NOT your bust.


Enjoy browsing the website for the current steel boned corsets available HERE

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