Love Your Body Wearing Corsets

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Love Your Body

It's safe to say many women have confidence issues or are unhappy with their bodies. It's sad that we are so hard on ourselves. Even me, I am a UK size 12, I am healthy, yet I beat myself up regularly about how I look. I have been getting better at loving myself though.

When I feel the most confident

It's no secret that I feel the most confident when wearing a corset. It instantly shapes my waist line, I stand straighter and I silly feel sexier and more confident.

I write this blog post, because I have now lost count of how many women have messaged me over the years saying that when they wore their corset from me, they hadn't felt that confident or that sexy in years. It never fails to make me smile when I get those messages. Guaranteed instant mood lift when I read how my corsets make men and women round the world feel.


Steel boned corsets 

I only sell steel boned corsets, I am not your girl if you're looking for cheap corsets I'm afraid. Cheap plastic/acrylic boned corsets aren't what The Corset Lady sells, I am all about guaranteeing quality and beautiful corsets.

How do you think wearing a real steel boned corset would make you feel? I bet you'd feel incredible. Have a browse on the website and see which corset stands out to you.


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