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A New Collection of Made To Measure Corsets

That's right lovelies, a new made to measure corset collection has hit the website and it's already been a success. This particular black couture corset dress has already been ordered more than once.

These corsets and corset dresses can be made for both men and women who like to wear exquisite things. At The Corset Lady I don't judge, I help. I help men and women worldwide buy and wear beautiful corsets.

I wanted to add a collection that stood out, a corset collection that would fit people like a glove. These corsets are completely made to measure with the measurements you provide me and they only take about 2 weeks to be made and shipped - a bit amazing right?

Why Choose Made To Measure?

Made to measure along with it's price tag won't be for everyone and that's absolutely fine. Even the regular corsets on the website aren't for everyone, they're still relatively pricey (but that's why I offer a payment plans too)

If you have a large bust and tiny waist, this collection is for you. Equally, if your bust isn't much bigger than your natural waist and you struggle to 'fill a corset' in the bust area, then this corset collection is for you.

Do You Have Corset Questions?

Brilliant! Come on over to my corset group on Facebook and join my community over there. Join Here and get involved.

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