Measuring for a Corset

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Measuring for a Corset

Measuring for a corset is easy ladies and gents, let's not make it any harder than it needs to be.

The only equipment you'll need when measuring for a corset is a tape measure. Not a builders one, a flexible one. 

Ladies Measuring for a Corset

Whether you think you have a waist line or not, we actually do all have a waist line. We have a little bit on the side that dips in (even if you don't think you have) and that is where you want your tape measure to sit. Place it there around your waist.

Now it is Super important that you don't breathe in when measuring, because we want your natural waist measurement. Most of us hate the number we see (me included) however, we are going to order a smaller corset - yay! Now the reason we order a smaller corset, is because we want it to pull us in right?

If we ordered one for our natural waist size, the corset would fall down and we don't want that! So trust me on this, i have been doing this for years and i know a thing or two.

Secondly, your bust does need to be bigger than your natural waist size in order to fill an overbust corset, or you will need to fill it out with padding. But there will be gap, so no moaning to me if you have a gap because your bust is smaller than you wanted to admit ;)

Hips: If you have larger hips or are pear shaped, then you may want to consider the gored hipped style corset (like the one shown) This shape allows the corset to sit Over your hips rather than digging in. Win Win. 

Men Measuring for a Corset

Yes, men can wear corsets too and i am proud to have cross dressers and men that like to experiment with corsets and fetish wear on my customer list.

Gentlemen, obviously you don't have a bust, so you'll have to improvise. To measure your waist, measure right across your belly button and no breathing in, that will give you your natural waist measurement.

And that's it, simple really isn't it. Get measured up and enjoy browsing. Any questions, just pop me a message or find me on Facebook Here.


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