Measuring For a Steel Boned Corset

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Measuring For a Steel Boned Corset

Measuring for a corset need not be daunting. It's easy I promise. All you'll need is a measuring tape (a seamstress one preferably) 

Here's the biggest tip when measuring for a corset, you don't breathe in - not ever! I get that for a woman it's almost instinct to breathe in, but don't. Here's why:

You want the corset to do the work for you. If you breathe in, that won't be your natural waist measurement. By natural waist measurement, I mean the measurement when your belly is in its natural state. Stand up straight and just relax, then measure.

Your bust isn't important as long as you're in proportion, the same with your hips.

Small bust (smaller than your natural waist) you'll need an underbust corset. Large hips, you may need a gored hipped corset. This will be more comfortable for you.

Measure where your waist dips in at the side and no breathing in, this is generally just above the belly button.

I'd actually measure a bit higher than this picture shows.

For men: measure around your belly button and no breathing in.

So you have your measurement right? Ok great. Lets say your natural waist measurement was 38". That will make you a corset see 34". How did i work that out?

Corset Sizing

The reason for the no breathing in is where this comes into play. We're using 38" as an example. You Always order the corset size that is 4-5" smaller than your natural waist, this ensures the corset will give you a beautiful new curvy waist line. If you had breathes in and made your 'natural waist' 36" and ordered a 32" corset size, it would have been too small. There would be a big gap at the back and even though all my corsets come with a modesty panel, a too small corset will LOOK too small.

Don't worry about the size of your natural waist, you want to feel great in your corset and getting the right size will ensure you feel great too.

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