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Self Caring

No corsets today - today I just want to talk about self care. After a terrible September, where I feel I was starting a really downward spiral, I decided self care needed to come First in my life. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen some of my posts.

How I Self Care

My self care is completely MY self care. It;s nothing to do with the children, the house, the business or the dog. I made it a pact with myself that it had to be 100% about myself. Why? Because I am always putting all of the above before me, so once a day if even for 10min, I put myself first.

Here are a few of the things I do for self care, you never know, it may give you a few ideas:

  • Coffee and Netflix - no distractions, just me and Netflix and my favourite drink
  • Bubble baths with some fancy products - I have tried Neal Yards recent and there like it. I have ordered more and will wrap them up from Santa (joys of a single mum)
  • Snuggled in bed with a book and get lost in the story
  • Last week I sat and decided to go through loads of old photos. I ended up sitting there for over an hour getting lost in memories, it was lovely
  • Yoga - I have only done this twice, but really enjoyed it. I must make this a weekly habit, once or twice maybe?
  • A hots shower and scrub my body in a Champneys body scrub, followed by a Champneys Detox Cream - (might do that tonight)
  • A facemask - it's so easy to forget to look after our skin
  • An evening when you eat what you like and don't feel guilty about the calories

What would you add to this? I'd love to hear more.

Here is another thing that I have been doing - STOP letting my family control me or make me feel like a piece of shit. I am not a bad person and will not keep being told I am. All I care about is my children, ensuring they are brought up in a loving environment and that I try my hardest to be a good person.

It's Important To Look After Yourself

Who's going to look after you if you don't? If you're a single mum, you have No chance! I know I don't. With an ex who doesn't have his children and a mother who gives no shits about seeing her grandchildren or even helping in any way (even when they were babies) I know I HAVE to put myself first, because nobody else will.

So please ladies and gents, put yourself first. Even if it's a couple of times a week.

~ Sonya Xx

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