New Corsets - Out with the old, in with the new

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New Corset Styles

You may have noticed from the social media channels that there are new corset styles now available and I can tell you this, there are many more to come! Of course they are all steel boned corsets, that won't change. I have always prided myself in providing great quality corsets.

Why new corset styles?

As the title says, out with the old and in with the new. Why you may be asking? I'll be completely transparent. I have had so many problems with the design team/supplier I currently use for my corsets, I can't even begin to tell you. Literally every order in the past 6 months has had an issue one way or another. Even before then, I probably had a problem with every other order. But more recently, the quality of the corsets became pretty crappy with some of them and for me, that's never going to be ok. I have of course sent those corsets back and asked them to be remade (I haven't sent crappy corsets to my customers) and all I got was excuses most of the time, it has been such hard work dealing with them. Running a business is tough enough, then add a years lockdown, 2 kids, single parent and I got to breaking point with them. I have threatened a few times before I would leave them, but never did, because 99% of the time the corsets were great quality, despite the terrible service. But now I am 100% leaving them and all the old corset styles will be leaving the website 1st April. I think they have a shock coming their way! 

Where are the new corset styles coming from?

Still from a reputable company. In fact, I have used them before! Many many many years ago. Some of you may who have been following me for a while may recognise some of the styles. I stopped using them as they stopped selling for a while, then became 'minimum order £1500 minimum order' so I walked away. Randomly last week I reached out to them and they opened me an account - and not at £1500 an order either!! Thank goodness!


So you can look forward to fantastic corsets, great quality and plenty of new styles will be added over the coming weeks and then a whole bunch in April.

I must start blogging regularly again, I love writing, it was a subject I did really well at school in. So keep an eye out for more content.

~ Sonya The Corset Lady


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