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Posted by Sonya Kolodziejska on

Brand New Corset Styles Coming!

Oh my goodness, brand new steel boned corset styles are coming your way. I'm beyond excited. As you know, corsets have taken a while to be made and it has been very frustrating, especially during lock down.

A new designer contacted me last week to try and get my business, this isn't anything new, they normally piss me off with their spiel within a minutes. But this ones designs really caught my eye. He meant it when he said he'd send a free sample. He didn't try and charge postage and two free corsets (not just one) should arrive tomorrow. That impressed me too. 

The quality of the work from what I can see from pictures looks fantastic, I just need to see it close up and see the stitching, but they look amazing. I am convinced enough that I am going to add a few designs today. You're going to love the new corset colours!

Corsets will still be made to order, but I am hopeful for some incredible new designs and new colours. It's time to jazz it up a little and get some fetish corsets on the website. Steampunk has never been a high seller for me, the gothic corsets always have been, so let's do this I say!

Look out for the exclusive corsets coming this afternoon!  Stay safe and I'll be back soon to show off the new steel boned corset designs.


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