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Black Brocade Corset Shirt

This black steel boned corseted shirt has become the most viewed corset on the website! It's been ordered a fair few times too! This stunning thick brocade fabric is encased with a steel boned underbust corset to really cinch your waist line in and give you a stunning figure.


Steel Boned Corset

With a bunch of steel bones running evenly throughout this black corset, I can guarantee you will feel sensational wearing this corset. Measuring for this corset couldn't be simpler. Here's How To Measure for a Corset.

Now don't forget, I do ship worldwide, so no matter where you are in the world, you can own this stunning corseted top too. American is where most of my customers seem to come from, its pretty awesome really.

I have been running this business for 10 years now and even back then, lots of my customers came from America, now more so than ever. So wherever you're from, enjoy shopping, please do share my posts where possible.

~ Sonya

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