New Year New Style?

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New Corsets

A new year is here! Can you blooming believe it? How would you say your 2018 was? All I know is that I wish for 2019 to be better. Did you go out celebrating?

Are you looking for a new style this year? Maybe you want to finally try wearing a proper steel boned corset? It's an exciting purchase.

A Little Corset Help

A great starter corset is an underbust corset. You can style it in many waist or a dress. Think knitted dress and boots, a great look! It also helps get your body used to wearing a steel boned corset. See The Underbust Corsets Collection Here

How to measure for a corset

Measuring for a steel boned corset is something you will want to get right the first time. So please do take the time to read this if you're new to steel boned corsets.

Our steel boned corsets go by waist measurement first and foremost, NOT your bust.

You'll need a tape measure to hand and if you haven't got one, pop along to a shop and buy one.

Measure (not over clothes) where your waist dips in at the side and NO breathing in and measure in Inches. This will give you your Natural Waist measurement. Based on that measurement you'll order your corset size.


If your natural waist is 34", you'll order a corset size 30". YES you do order smaller than your natural waist, otherwise the corset will simply drop off you and not pull you in.


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