Old Corset Styles

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Old Corset Styles Are Back!

In last weeks post I mentioned that some of the old corset styles are back and they are going down a treat. I have an arrangement with my old wholesaler, who now sends them directly to you and you'll have your corset a lot quicker. I am pumped that I managed to make this happen.


These are of course all steel boned corsets and are all available up to a natural waist 53". Meaning these styles are more inclusive of curvier figures. 

Postage of these Corsets

The drop ship isn't cheap, but works out the same for my customers who are outside of the UK, of which I am proud to say I have many. Many UK customers will look at the price and gasp, but they comes from abroad and are shipped via DHL, so it's quick and reliable. I am just glad they are back.

You can see these Corsets here.

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