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What's The Difference between Plastic and Steel Boned Corset?

I get asked this question quite regularly: what is a fashion corset and how does it differ from a steel boned corset? I even get asked if it is the same as a steel boned corset. I can confirm that no, they are very different from a steel boned corset. Let me explain....

Fashion (Plastic Boned Corset)

A fashion corset is still a lovely corset, but it is not designed to shape you. These corsets are made with acrylic (also known as plastic) bones and bend out of shape when any type of pressure is put on them. So ladies with curves or ladies with large busts aren't going to want a fashion corset if it is for outside the bedroom, not if they want to look fantastic anyway.

The corset here is a fashion corset not available on the website as I don't sell acrylic corset), very pretty and elegant, but it won't pull your waist in or shape you. Unfortunately the price tag of these is what entices people to buy these corsets, but they rarely have the desired effect. If you're looking for a cheap bedroom corset, then this might be great. But if you're looking for a corset to wear out, I would recommend a steel boned corset all day long, no matter what your shape or size. They are well made, made to last, very elegant and made of superb fabric.

Steel Boned Corsets

Take this vintage style steel boned corset, which is made with a stunning high quality fabric, the material is far better quality than of the above fashion corset and is also double layered for strength. It has a lush military style too - which I just adore. All my steel boned corsets have a 6 inch modesty panel to hide any flesh that might show if your corset isn't done up fully and all good steel boned corsets will have the ability to pull your waist in by up to 4-5".

If you are serious about buying a corset and want a good corset that will support you and shape you, then you must go for a steel boned corset every time. To measure correctly for one, simply measure your waist, just above your belly button and don't breath in. That will be your natural waist measurement. The drop down box on the website next to every steel boned corset will help you choose which size to order dependant on your natural waist measurement.

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