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Cheap Corsets - Help!!

Cheap Corsets Vs Real Steel Boned Corsets Ladies I need your help (gents too if you know anything about a corset) People are under the impression that a fashion corset is the same as a steel boned corset and for those of you who know the difference, you will know that they are Completely different!

I hear it all the time 'I can get a corset on eBay for £20!' YUK!

I cringe thinking of all the women who think they know what a corset is and boast at having 10 corsets in their wardrobe that they purchased on eBay for £15!  Yep, those bendy plastic boned ones that do nothing for your figure and just create more lumps for curvy women. So let's stop this rumour now and share this post on your Facebook or your Twitter. We need to get that message out there.

Plastic boned corsets WILL bend, Won't give you the curves your body is capable of achieving with a corset! I'm almost sure that that isn't the look you're hoping to achieve when wearing a corset, especially if wearing one in public. You won't want people staring at you for those reasons.

A steel boned corset WILL create real and shapely curves, HAS the potential to help you drop4-5 inches around your waist and WILL NOT bend or snap when pulled tightly. That my lovelies is the look you will want to create, Especially when in public. You want people looking at you for the right reasons. Right? I am all about confidence building and doing it the right way. If you're over on the Facebook Page you'll know what i'm talking about. It's a great little community over there and women are smiling all over the world on there.


Anyone who has bought a steel boned corset from me knows they have got the real deal when their special delivery arrives and you'll also know that i believe every woman should own at least one good steel boned corset, especially if you have curves! The idea of a corset is to shape you and enhance your curves, not create more curves or bumps. I'm showing this pinstripe underbust corset in this post as it isn't overly expensive and is very versatile. It looks amazing over a shirt teamed with a pencil skirt! Being classy, confident and having your curves in the right places will go a long.

Shop for a full range of steel boned corsets for all shaped mean and women.

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