Plus Size Corsetry

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Plus Size Corsets

I have sold corsets for over 8 years and I quickly established that the average size corset that was ordered was a 34" (fits natural waist 38-39") The smaller corsets didn't sell as well. So it made perfect sense to offer plus size corset sizes as well as smaller corsets, so that I could help women (and men) worldwide own a corset no matter their size. I even offer custom size corsets too :)

"I can't wear a corset because...."

That's the most common excuse I get, 'I can't wear a corset because I need to lose some weight' NO! That isn't correct. My corsets can be worn by ANYONE, no matter your size or gender. You don't have to lose weight for a corset. Sure, lose weight for yourself, but only if that will make you happier. If you are happy the size  that you are, then you can wear a corset too! Ok, so maybe you don't like your arms for instance, fine, wear a bolero or a nice tailored jacket over your corset. You'll look beautiful and what's more, you'll feel incredible.

Don't let society dictate what you can wear. If you want to wear a corset, then you go ahead and wear a damn corset girl!!

I'm proud to offer steel boned corsets in Steampunk Style and Gothic Corsets. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

How to measure for a corset

Measuring for a steel boned corset is something you will want to get right the first time. So please do take the time to read this if you're new to steel boned corsets.

Our steel boned corsets go by waist measurement first and foremost, NOT your bust.


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