Plus Size Corsets

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Plus Size Corsets 

Back when I was The Burgandy Boudoir, I was widely known for my plus size corsets. I always offered larger sizes and now... well, i offer even more sizes than before.

The Corset Lady offers plus size corsets up to a natural waist 53". Now i know 100% that companies that go over a 40" corset size are few and far between. I like to be different :)

Which corsets come in plus sizes?

ALL of them! YAY! I think there actually was ONE that wasn't, it only went up to a naturalist 45". But I promise, that was the only one. 

My mission was to help as many women (and men it turns out) to feel amazing wearing a steel boned corset. The picture above is a cross dresser who i work with on a monthly basis and 'style' his outfits for him.

When I first started selling corsets, I admit, helping men or Transgender hadn't been in my train of thoughts. It just somehow developed and it has been an absolutely amazing experience.

I have helped men and women with back pain, cross dressers, transgender M2F. It's opened my eyes to a new world I didn't know much about and it's made me a better person.

Yet again, I have digressed - sorry. I get a bit passionate.

So yes, you'll find a range of gothic, steampunk and just plain gorgeous corsets, all steel boned and available in plus sizes.

Pop on over to the Website Here to browse what corsets designs we currently have available.

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