Postage Price Update and Quick Catch Up

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Corset Postage Outside of the UK

As promised, I have sat down to catch up with you via a blog post and update on what has been happening over the last month. Many of you will know I moved a few weeks ago and it's been nothing short of manic, as I'm sure you can imagine. We're feeling more settled now and I don't feel as stressed.

One thing that absolutely shocked me was the price of shipping outside the UK - Suddenly, as of last week, it literally spiked out of control. Brexit has fucked us over, well and truly! I was gutted the rest of that day, terrified I'd lose a bunch of customers, as so many of my orders come from America. Not only that, customs and shipping my bulk orders to me have doubled! I could just cry. Unfortunately I have had to raise the shipping costs a bit, I split it half way so we can share the cost. 

I'm hoping all the lovely new corsets I have been adding will still tempt you to order. They are rather magnificent.


It does mean however that I will be ramping up the lingerie marketing and making more t-shirts. Didn't know I printed tees? See the collection here (which will grow by next week) I have set up a different Instagram etc for that as I am hoping to attract new customers there too. Some support with a t-shirt order or two would be muchly appreciated :)

An Update On Me....

Nothing has changed in my life (apart from the move) I am just glad I now have internet and can start working properly again. I want to be successful again and I am determined if nothing else.

I do hope you are happy and well and of course, thank you for taking the time read my blog. Links below to take you to some collections. Have a wonderful day!

~ Sonya The Corset lady



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