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Why Are My Corsets So Strong?

Corset strength, I'm not just talking about the steel bones that run through my corsets, but the actual material we use to Make the corsets. That's the most important part here.

I am VERY selective about the fabric I use to make corsets, I won't use any old tat. The fabric has Got to be a high quality fabric, we wouldn't want it ripping now would we?

Between using high quality fabrics and layering the material, that's how a strong corset is made. If figure shaping is what you're after, then you are in the right place. The Corset Lady only uses the best.  

All our corsets are

  • Multi-layer
  • Steel boned
  • Flat steel boned and spiral steel combination

This offers strength with the flexibility, which in turn offers comfort. The Corset Lady offers w ice variety of fabric corsets (and some leather) so that you can find that perfect corset and colour that's right for you. Browse the website www.thecorsetlady.com to find your perfect corset.

~ Sonya

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