Relaunching The Corset Business

Posted by Sonya Kolodziejska on

Relaunching Corsets

I'm back! Formerly The Burgandy Boudoir, now The Corset Lady and i am soon excited to be back in the game and selling some absolutely amazing corsets.

You'll find the website isn't as 'busy' as the old one, i have left it a little simpler so that i don't over do it with links and items. relaunching_corsets_the_corset_lady

Back in the day when i was selling a ton of corsets a month, it was the Steampunk and Gothic Corsets that sold the most, so i have stuck with those in the main, with a few colours mixed in.

I'm so thankful i kept the Facebook Page and Group alive in the year i haven't been selling corsets, because before i even launched i had a bunch of new orders from regular customers and some new.

On that note, i am off to add a couple of more products to the site (coffee first though) and i will be ready to launch soon.

I'm excited to relaunch and serve you with only the best of corsets. ALL steel boned, no plastic crap, just the real deal with me.

~ Sonya


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