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Renaissance Outfits for Festivals

Renaissance festivals are so much fun aren't they? People literally travel around the world to attend a renaissance fair. I hear the ones in America are outstanding. I'd love to be able to sell my corsets at them one day. Once the children are older, I am going to try and get booked into one. It'd be so much fun. Do you attend festivals? 

Renaissance Clothing

The epic thing about these festivals is 'anything goes'... literally... wear what the heck you like and wear it with pride. I sell a variety of Steampunk Corsets and Outfits that people have worn to festivals and embellished further, adding sensational waistcoats and hats. Belts of all kinds that sit of the hips, gorgeous flowing skirts. Customers have sent me pictures and their imagination for outfits is truly inspiring.

You don't have to be 'into' steampunk to wear steampunk, you just have to like it and enjoy it. Steampunk has a sense of power to it, the women who wear it know what they want and aren't afraid to go and get it.

Plus Size Steampunk Corsets and Dresses

I am very proud to offer steampunk corsets and dresses/outfits. As well as the Gothic Corset Collection. Not every single corset is available in plus sizes, but a good 95% of the corsets on the website are available in plus sizes. Everyone should be able to wear corsets, no matter what size you are, what gender, whether you're human or alien ;) I can even make custom corsets and custom sizes. See the website and have a browse - There are some exceptional corsets on there and payment plans available at checkout. I ship worldwide too. Most of my customers are in America in fact.

~ Sonya


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