Rocking a Plus Size Corset

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Rock Those Curves

We live in a time where plus size corsets and curves are absolutely sexy and the norm. Years ago a size 14 was classed as plus size - ludicrous I know. Whatever skin you're in, whether it be slender, athletic or curvy, be proud, show off your curves.

Plus Size Corsets

The Corset Lady is known for it's plus size corsets. Whereas many corset retailers stop at a 40" corset size (which fits natural waist 44-45") I go up to fit a natural waist 53" and even make made to measure plus size corsets too. You can fill your wardrobe with delicious steel boned corsets right here.

Measuring For Your Corset

The key to a good fitting plus size corset (or any corsets to be honest) is absolutely about measuring correctly. The part where many plus size women tend to steer wrong here is at the bust. Yes to the world you have a big bust at a 40DD, BUT how big is your belly? You see, you've got to measure natural waist and bust and there needs to be a good 4" or more difference in your bust and belly size. The bust needs to be bigger that your natural waist and this isn't always the case with larger ladies. So please do measure yourself properly before ordering an overbust corset. You'll want to make sure you can fill the top part. If you find there isn't much of a ratio, don't be disheartened. There are lots of incredible underbust corsets and waist training corsets to choose from on the website. These are all steel boned corsets, to give you great hold and perky breasts. Waist trainers have even more bones in them (double in fact) so if you want maximum hold, then definitely go for a waist training corset.

Don't be afraid to rock your curves confidently and feel incredible. Everyone deserve to feel pretty and beautiful. You are no exception.

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