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It's a Steampunk Life

Steampunk has become all the rage and ladies love to dress in this fashion. If you have been curious about what constitutes steampunk or if you can pull it off, this will take away your fears.

The steampunk look is derived from the Victorian era with a fantasy twist. Imagine an alternate reality of the 19th century Victorian era in which industrial steam powered machines were what was used mainstream to produce everything. Picture all kinds of crazy advanced technology. Any kind of crazy invention or machine that you can think of can be used to inspire this fantastical look.

One of the great things about this look is that there are really no rules, but some guidelines can keep you headed in the right direction. Here are some suggestions to help you build your own steampunk fantasy look.


Go Victorian Steampunk:

This is the basis. Find a Victorian style outfit and from there you can continue to build the outfit. Delve as deep into the era as you wish because the deeper you go, the better your look will be. 

A great way to start the look is with a steampunk corset. From the corset you can build out and determine what else you will wear with it as the corset makes a great focal point. Blooming pantaloon type pants and long detailed skirts are perfect to pair with the corset.  You could also go with a steampunk corset dress.

Get Colourful Steampunk:

Don't feel forced to wear all brown or black or white. Steampunk can look amazing using any rich and deep colour like burgundy, eggplant, jade or sapphire. You can even pair these jewel tones with the traditional shades for a standout look.

Accessorise Steampunk:

Now that you have your foundation, you can add the steampunk elements. Because it is inspired by machines, cogs, wheels and other gadgets are perfect. Finding jewellery that contain these pieces is very easy to find. An open-face watch is an easy piece that you may already own and if you can find a pocket watch that is open-face, even better.

The part that is the most fun is adding the truly steampunk elements. You don't need to add them all unless it looks good together. Mini top hats look great with a steampunk outfit, especially if they have cogs attached or you could add them yourself. Don't be afraid of lace and crazy high heeled boots. If it goes with your outfit, a pair of goggles or a monocle is always a great finishing touch. 

However you build your outfit, do it in a way that makes you feel confident. You can absolutely pull off this look, so have fun with it! Start your steampunk journey here and checkout the current steampunk corsets styles we have here.

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